Connie Hall

Connie Hall was a stay-at-home mom of 3, until her last baby flew the coop in 2015. She decided empty-nesting wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be so in 2016 she decided to host a 16 year old American-born Haitian, for his junior and senior year of high school. He has graduated and is currently in basic training for the Air Force. She and her wonderful husband Jeff have been married for nearly 27 years now and still work daily to figure each other out.

A substitute teacher for 18 years. Connie enjoys the moldable brains of 8th graders the most and is known to turn substituting into a full time job, as kids are her favorite pass time. She serves on the Women's council of her local church and is on the board of the One Body Project, an organization purposed to build churches in Haiti. Although comedy performance is relatively new, she's been accidentally funny most of her life and is super excited to be with you all for this event!